Susan Clark


The Clinic is run by Susan Clark MSc (Ost) D.O. SCCO. SEP. a registered osteopath specialising in Cranial Osteopathy, who has been working in the High Wycombe area since 1987.

The Candlewell Clinic is an osteopathic practice set up in a beautiful countryside setting and has a very homely and relaxed feel. We treat everyone from very young babies to the elderly, frail and infirm. We also have a small-animal clinic.

Osteopathic treatments are very subtle and gentle; through manipulation and touch, mobilization, exercise and gentler forms of self renewing and self-recuperation known as Cranial Osteopathy, they re-establish the normal function of the individual. Susan is not only interested in what is causing the current symptoms but also why they have developed.


Some of the conditions that are brought to us are:

Neck pain
Headaches (cervicogenic) migraine prevention
Digestive disorders
Stress and tension
Frozen shoulder, shoulder and elbow pain
Tennis elbow
Circulatory problems

Back and neck pain
Joint pain in all parts of the body
To ease osteo-arthritic conditions
General, acute, and chronic low back pain
Rheumatic pain

Please don't be worried about telephoning to discuss your case and, if necessary we can even arrange a short, free consultation.

We have ample parking access.

"Sue’s ability to tune in to the whole body, to detect and treat causes, not just symptoms, is exceptional.  The skills and approach are a form of alchemy."  - Mark Walker